Featured Work

Below is information about the featured work of Matthew 25: Ministries. Visit our Programs and Facilities page to view ready-to-print informational slicks about Matthew 25: Ministries' various projects.

projects and items matthew 25: Ministries produces

  Fill Center
Matthew 25: Ministries' Fill Center takes donated detergent or general cleaning concentrate, dilutes it, and repackages it into gallon jugs, barrels, or totes.
  Notebook Manufacturing Center
Matthew 25: Ministries' Notebook Manufacturing Center uses donated industrial printing equipment and donated paper to make school notebooks for needy children.
  Prasco Food Processing Center
The Prasco Food Processing Center packages a nutritionally enhanced rice-soy blend for only 9-cents per serving.
  Rainbow Paint Reblending Program
The Rainbow Paint Reblending Program helps facilitate long-lasting improvements, enhancements or upgrades to low income communities locally and worldwide while reducing the amount of leftover paint being deposited in landfills, public waterways and sewer systems.

Other Work

  Grow Right
Matthew 25: Ministries’ micronutrient supplement, Grow Right, provides children with 11 key micronutrients such as iron, iodine, and vitamin A to drastically improve their overall health.
  Community Development Project
Matthew 25: Ministries is once again partnering in a development project, which provides proper housing and sanitary conditions to impoverished families living in rural Nicaragua.