Matthew 25: Ministries responded to the tornado that struck Mississippi and the severe weather outbreak across the South in January 2017.  At least 4 people were reported dead as a result of the tornado.

Matthew 25: Ministries’ Disaster Response Team deployed on Sunday, January 22 with Matthew 25’s complement of specialized disaster relief vehicles. Joined by the Tide Loads of Hope mobile laundry unit, the trucks were loaded with relief supplies including personal care kits, household and cleaning products, first aid and safety kits and supplies, and additional items such as diapers, toilet paper, detergent pods, and tarps.

Over the course of five days, the team distributed approximately 4,500 paper products, 700 personal care kits, 300 cleaning kits, 450 detergent pods, 200 cases of water, 40 cases of diapers, 40 tarps, and completed 380 loads of laundry.

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