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Every Dollar Makes a Difference

More than 99% of all cash and in-kind donations go toward our programs.

Ways To Give

Matthew 25: Ministries is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Browse your options below.

Matthew 25: Ministries also accepts donations of cryptocurrency.


Click on the icon above to make a donation online.

By Phone

Call us at 513-793-6256 to give over the phone.

By Mail

Mail checks to Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242.

In Person

Visit us and drop off a gift in person during our standard operating hours.

More Options

Contact AJ Shapiro regarding estate planning, donations of stock, and other ways to give.

Matching Gifts

Your company could double or even triple your gift, with no added cost to you. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Search our matching gifts database to find out if your employer has a matching gift program as well as the guidelines, procedures and forms necessary to complete the process. Feel free to contact Matthew 25: Ministries with any questions—we are happy to help!

2018 Memorials

In memory of those mentioned below, a family member or friend has made a donation to Matthew 25: Ministries. Thank you for your generosity. The memory of your loved one is making a difference in the lives of many.

Janann Abrams
Scott Anderson
Thomas Anglin
Kathy Back
John Baker
Mary Ellen Baldwin
Gary Barnes
Cathy Barney
John Bittner
Sharon Bloomquist
Louis & Marc Bolce
Joann Borkowski
Fred Brawand
James E. Brown
Sue Ellen Brown
Wilma Brown
Benjamin Browning
Mary Bruening
Edward Bruns
Eleanor Bennet Butler
RiseMarie Cavagnaro
Roy Chamberlain
Beverly Chandler
Lorna Clischinski
Robert & Beulah Cohen
Ed Collins
George Colonel Jr
Joni Culpepper Johnson
Charles William Cummings
Rosemary Daschley
Drew Dierks
Wanda Doan
Jerry Downard
Mary Drees
Robert Dykstra
Dan Eckert
Evelyn Edmund
Greg Edwards
Father & Aunt
Sandy Fields
Mark Flaig
Jeff Fogelson
Patricia Ford
John Gilland
Brooklyn Grace
Irvin Gunter
Bonnie Gushard
Jack Haberthy
Patricia Ann Hagedorn
Rich Hagee
Shirley Hendrickson
Richard Henke
Scott Anthony Kaiser
Arthur Kalpakis
Doug Kirk
Diane Knueven
Jason Kroner
Arnold Lauschke
Donna Lockhart
Dorothy Ann (Trissie) Lowe
Richard & Marion Lucas
Eva K. Mann
Dorothy Marcello
Cindy McKinney
David McNamara
Tom Mettey
James Moffett
Kent Moffitt
Mother & Father
Mother, Sister & Brother
Charles Davis Mueller
Charlie Mueller
Robert P. Mullikin
Martina S. Nagel
Nancy Oppito
Mary Owens
Stephen Michael Pace
Gerard Paroz
Charles "CJ" Parrish
Gerald Paul
Ariana Payne
Willis & Phillis Peterson
Toshiko Phoenix
Mary Ann Pohlman
William Robert Prewitt
Kenneth W. Randolph
Bob Reiner
Nancy Gasnik Rhoads
Mark Roberts
Viola Rook
Frederick G. Rudolph
Tom Russell
Frank Sauder
Mike Schlarmann
Stephen Schmidt
Robert Seipelt
Jal Setna
Prakash Singhal
Dan Snyder
Sons & Parents
Mr & Mrs Charles Stevens
Elizabeth Sullivan
Libby Lee Sullivan
Mr. Abby Tabor
Larry Tanner
Robert Taylor
Florence Trotta
Hubert Tyler
Thomas Volpenhein
Irene Voss
Chuck Ward
Joyce Watson
Peter Whedon
Matthew Dean Whittman
Richard Williams
Meredith Williford
Marie Wohl
Aunt Su An Yeh
Claire Young
Mary Lynn Zakis