Financial Donations

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Every gift to Matthew 25: Ministries makes an impact on the poorest of the poor and disaster victims. Financial donations help in all aspects of our ministry, including acquiring, processing, and warehousing product; distributing aid to people in need; providing disaster relief; and other program-related expenses. Additionally, funds assist with costs associated with the oversight and administration of programs. All gifts designated for a specific program are used for the purpose intended.

Help those in need by making a donation today. There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Whether you prefer making a one-time gift, setting up a monthly recurring donation, donating stock, or many other giving options, your gift will make a difference. Browse your options below, and please reach out to us with any questions. We are happy to help!

Matthew 25: Ministries is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Information shown is based on our independently audited 990 Report and Charity Navigator’s evaluation of our financial efficiency and transparency. For more detailed information, please visit our Financials webpage and also our Charity Navigator profile.

M25M Financials Chart

Percentages based on cash and in-kind (product) donations

Ways To Give

There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Browse your options below.


Click on the icon above to make a donation online.

By Phone

Call us at 513-793-6256 to give over the phone.

By Mail

Mail checks to Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, OH 45242.

In Person

Visit us and drop off a gift in person during our standard operating hours.

More Options

Contact Butch Elfers regarding estate planning, donations of stock, and other ways to give.

Matching Gifts

Did you know many employers offer matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees? Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Your company could double or even triple your gift, with no added cost to you!

Search for your company in our Matching Gifts database to see if your employer has a matching gift program. Click here to access the database and for more information.

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2023 Memorials

In memory of those mentioned below, a family member or friend has made a donation to Matthew 25: Ministries. Thank you for your generosity. The memory of your loved one is making a difference in the lives of many.

Juanita Accurso
Dolores Alfred
Grace Cook & Alice
Mark Allan
Louella 'Nano' Anderson
My Father, Bill Astorino
William Barney
Michael Bear
Vincent & Audrey Beckman
Vida Bennett
Ginny Bierman
Kay Bigley
Matthew Whitman's 43rd Birthday
Joseph A. Bodle
Thomas Boehmer
Raygan Boothe
Mark Boroff
Paula Bradley
Paula J. Bradley
David Brate
Ginny Bray
Sue Ellen Brown
Sam Bruce
Robert J. Bruns
Jerald F. Buckley
James Burnes
George & Dorothy Burns
Tracy Butterfield
Joseph & Shirley Carvitti
Tang Wai Chang
Caroline Chenoweth
Shing Wai Ching
Ngoon Fong Chow
Franklin & Isabelle Clapper
Charles Cline
Jon Cochran
Roger Cocker
Roger T. Coker
Rose Marie Coleman
Juanita Collett
Leonard Combs
Lisa Connelly
Pat Crabtree
Nevellen Craddock
Jaxon & Henry Crosby
Col. D.L. Cunningham
Betty Jane Davey
Scott Davey
John T. Davey
Rev. James & Elease Davis
Robert DeSalvo
Martin & Helen Depoian
Clyde & Viola Dudley
Dan Eckert
Larry Edmonds
Greg Edwards
Tyler Edwards
Richard Eisele
Valerie Elrod
Dave Enginger
Frances Ferguson
Cynthia L Feuerriegel
Arlene Fleming
Don E Fowls
Carl Franke
Gordon Furukawa
Jim Gardner
Elaine German
Sheri Gersin
Paula & Gina
Jessie Gormas
Thomas Gourlay
Brooklyn Grace
My Grandmother
Robert Green
Harriet Gress
Vivian Groger
Catherine Gronefeld
Anthony Gunner
Bonnie Gushard
Michael H.
Uncle Carl Hager
Willie Mae Hall
Randee Hall
Carolyn B Hamlin
Mary Lou Harrison
Terry Hasenstab
Jeanne K Hazel
Larry Hazlerig
Rob Hecksel
Thomas Hemmelgarn
Frank Hermanek
Patrick Hoffman
Martin Forrest Huffman
Bob Huntington
Edward Theiss II
Jimmy R. Jackson
Thelma, ED, Ge-Ann & Sandra Jarvis
William C. Jones
Sissy Kepler
Margie King
Gerry Kovacs
Jack Landman
William (Bill) Lang
Lou Lautz
Albert and Anne Lepore
DeAnne Lightner
The parents of Rod and Lynn Lilyquist
Edward Loving
Peg Lucas
Elsie Lunin
Mildred Mabrey
Bea Manning
my Wonderful Parents: Tom & Margie
Mary Martin
William Martin
Ann May
Scooter McCabe
Dorothy McLaughlin
Patrick McMullen
Joan Mettey
Nancy A. Miller
Jenever Milton
Walter F Moossa
Tom Morenz
Melanie Mullen
Florence Murphy
Howard Neiheisel
Nick G. Nicholas
Dolores Niederhelman
Tana Novak
David Ott
Ruthie Owens
Paul & Lucy Pavlow
Ariana Payne
Kyle Peters
Trent James Phillips
Robert Plate
William Ronald Valentine Poli
Sean Post
Ralph Quallen
Todd Quirk
Mary Louise Raymond
Matthew Reagan
Connie Rogers
Mary Santanna
Kenneth Scheiner
Matthew Schleicher
Carol Jean Schroer
Ella Mae Schuerman
Frank E. Schuerman
Frank T. Schuerman
Louise Schwartz
Mary R. Schwartz
Mark Seagraves
Jan Sears
Art Shahly
David Shinkle
Fred & Erna Siemro
Jon Sieve
Pete Smith
My Son
Austin Ball, Sr.
Adette Stowe
Betty Straws
William Sunderhaus
Linda Lee Talmadge
Vicki Tettenhorst
Ruth K. Tierney
Patty Tiesman
Butch Turco
Dennis Ulrich
Don Vell
John Wade
Harold Walters
Robert Weadick
Teddy Lee Whitaker
Jayne Wickstrom
Patrick Williams
Bill Willingham
David Wilson
Jilian Wollery-Maas
Patrick Wolterman
Donald Wood
Bill Yonan
Claire Young
The lives that have been lost in the earthquake
my beloved father