Matthew 25: Ministries’ Disaster Response Team deployed on Sunday, October 9, 2016, with Matthew 25’s full fleet of specialized disaster relief vehicles.  The trucks were loaded with approximately 10,000 pounds of relief supplies. The team headed for the Carolinas, where the flooding was historic and catastrophic. Thousands were evacuated or displaced.

The team distributed supplies from their stationary location at a Walmart in Lumberton, NC.  The team was able to ramp up all services including ice and laundry and had a huge response for laundry services. Because of this, they chose to expand their daily quota to help assist as many people as possible.  A re-supply truck from Matthew 25 went to North Carolina with almost 10,000 additional pounds of supplies.

Overall, the team distributed approximately 8,400 paper products, 860 personal care kits, 385 cleaning kits, 1,200 bags of ice, 260 cases of water, 1,150 detergent pods, 65 cases of diapers, 1,080 packs of wipes, 85 safety kits, 40 tarps, and completed more than 800 loads of laundry.


We also received reports, along with photos and videos, from our partners in Haiti that indicated severe flooding impacted the south and west. Bridges were washed away, entire villages were underwater, and flooding and destruction in Port-au-Prince from the river overflowing its banks was a real danger.

Matthew 25 sent containers to Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba.  We also deployed two teams with approximately 15,000 pounds of disaster relief supplies to the Les Cayes area of Haiti. We deployed a medical mission team to bring much-needed medical attention to the victims in this area.

“We are honored to be able to represent the incredibly generous community of Cincinnati and our disaster response partners in reaching out to those affected by Hurricane Matthew,” said Matthew 25 CEO Tim Mettey.

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