From Suitcases to Seagoing Containers

Matthew 25: Ministries began as the result of a trip Founder Rev. Wendell Mettey made with a group of doctors and nurses to Nicaragua in 1990. After seeing the seemingly endless poverty and devastation, Rev. Mettey made a promise to himself that he would find a way to help the people of Nicaragua and others in similar need.

Upon returning, Rev. Mettey developed a system to recover excess products which were deemed no longer useful by U.S. corporations, and redistribute these items to people in desperate poverty.

In the early days, supplies were carried to Nicaragua in suitcases, then aboard United States Air Force cargo planes. Now aid is shipped via forty-foot seagoing containers and semi-trailers to the poorest of the poor and disaster victims.

Since 1991, Matthew 25: Ministries has grown from a small suitcase ministry into an international relief organization distributing more than 20 million pounds of products each year. In total, Matthew 25 has sent more than 275 million pounds of aid across the United States and into approximately 70 countries worldwide.

Our History

2021 | Shipped 979 truckloads of aid and helped approximately 24.5 million people in need throughout the U.S. and around the world—the most we’ve ever shipped and helped in a single year; Distributed more than 19 million pounds of desperately-needed aid, including over 6 million pounds of disaster relief supplies; Exceeded 250 million pounds of aid distributed since 1991. M25M responded to the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Ida, Tropical Storm Henri, wildfires in California, the winter storm in Texas, tornadoes that swept through six states, including Mayfield, KY and additional areas, as well as other tornadoes and flooding throughout the U.S., and continued our ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.

2020 | Surpassed 12,000 total truckloads of aid and topped $2.5 billion worth of goods shipped since 1991; Distributed approximately 19 million pounds of desperately-needed supplies, including over 6 million pounds of COVID-19 relief supplies; Exceeded 940 truckloads of aid shipped and helped over 23 million people in need around the world—the most we’ve ever shipped and helped in a single year. M25M responded to Hurricanes Isaias, Laura, Sally, Delta, Zeta, Eta, and Iota; the explosion in Beirut; the Midwest Derecho; wildfires in the western United States; and tornadoes and flooding across the U.S.

2019 | Exceeded 226,000,000 pounds of aid distributed since 1991; Shipped 746 truckloads of aid; Welcomed over 63,000 volunteers who donated approximately 145,000 hours of time; Helped over 18.5 million people in need around the world. M25M responded to the Haiti Humanitarian Crisis; Dayton and Celina area tornadoes; Tropical Storm Barry; Hurricane Dorian; and tornadoes and flooding across the U.S.

2018 | Exceeded 200,000,000 pounds of aid distributed since 1991; Shipped our 10,000th container of aid (cumulative); Topped $2 billion dollars of aid shipped (cumulative). M25M responded to Hurricanes Florence and Michael; the wildfires in California; Ohio River flooding; Hawaii and Guatemala Volcanoes; and tornadoes and storms across the U.S.

2017 | A record-setting year for Matthew 25: Ministries. Shipped more than 900 truckloads of aid, up from 800 truckloads in 2016; Helped nearly 23 million people in need here in Greater Cincinnati, throughout the U.S. and worldwide; Shipped more than 16 million pounds of desperately needed supplies. M25M responded to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria; the wildfires in California, the earthquake in Mexico; and storms throughout the South.

2016 | Celebrated 25 years of caring for a needy world! Since our founding in 1991, we have: Shipped more than 180 million pounds around the world; Helped more than 100 million people in need around the world; Distributed goods throughout the U.S. and in over 60 countries worldwide. In 2016, we welcomed more than 66,000 volunteers who donated 160,000 hours of time.

2015 | Opened Bel Fle Missions Hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Welcomed over 100,000 visitors through the Global Village since 2009. Reached the milestone of 150,000,000 cumulative pounds shipped. Responded to earthquake in Nepal, California wildfires, East Coast flooding, Texas flooding, and tornadoes in Illinois, Texas, and Oklahoma.

2014 | Opened our 46,000 square foot manufacturing center expansion at our Blue Ash facility. Shipped 805 containers of products worldwide, helping over 20 million people. M25M responds to Ebola epidemic in Liberia, draught in California, and chemical spill in West Virginia.

2013 | Expanded our Global Village Experience.
M25M responds to Colorado Flooding; Moore, OK and Illinois Tornadoes; and Philippines typhoon. Expanded disaster relief preparedness & relief program to include Cintas & P&G Co-Branded. Disaster Response Vehicles & Ice/Water Emergency Response Vehicle.

2012 | M25M responds to tornado damage in OH, KY, and IN. Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber 2012 Nonprofit of the Year.
5 millionth meal packaged in Food Processing Center. Disaster relief shipped to victims of Hurricane Sandy. $1 billion of aid shipped since 1991.

2011 | Celebrated 20 yrs. of service.
Shipped 100 millionth lb. of aid. Japan earthquake and tsunami: 1.25 million meals shipped. Alabama and Joplin tornadoes. Ranked #1 4-star charity on Charity Navigator. Ranked #1 on Forbes’ list of most efficient large U.S. charities. Over 15 million people helped worldwide.

2010 | M25M sends medical teams and disaster relief to Haiti in response to earthquake.
Grand opening of the Prasco Food Processing Center. Record-breaking year for M25M in each of the following: 14 million people helped, 570 containers shipped, 20,000 volunteers.

2009 | M25M responds to flooding in Eastern Kentucky. M25M responds to flash flooding in Louisville. Dedication of Global Village funded by The Farmer Family Foundation. Total aid shipped surpasses 75 million lbs.

2008 | Disaster relief shipped to Iowa in response to severe flooding. Aid shipped to Haiti and Jamaica in response to Hurricane Gustav. Aid shipped to Texas in response to Hurricane Ike. Ice and Water distributed to Greater Cincinnati area in response to severe windstorm caused by Ike.

2007 | Humanitarian Hall of Fame established. Over 10 million lbs. shipped in a SINGLE YEAR. Total number of containers shipped surpasses 2500. Center for Humanitarian Relief 100% paid off. $83 million fair market value of products shipped in SINGLE YEAR.

2006 | Hydro-electric project in Nicaragua completed.
Total aid shipped surpasses 50 million lbs.

2005 | Total fair market value of products shipped reaches $250 million.

Disaster relief shipped to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Disaster relief shipped to victims of Hurricane Rita. Disaster relief shipped to victims of earthquake in Pakistan.

2004 | Center for Humanitarian Relief purchased in Blue Ash, Ohio.
Ministry in Appalachia established. Disaster relief shipped to Florida in response to Hurricane Ivan. Relief sent to South Asia in response to Tsunami.

2003 | Loveland warehouse converted to Notebook Manufacturing Center. Rev. Wendell Mettey receives Jefferson and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Service Awards. Feeding Community Center constructed in Nicaragua and dedicated to 9-11 victim Robert Peraza. Total aid shipped surpasses 25 million lbs.

2002 | M25M moves to 9th warehouse in Highland Park. Total aid shipped surpasses 20 million lbs. Total number of containers shipped surpasses 1,000.

2001 | Total fair market value of products shipped reaches $100 million.

2000 | Total number of containers shipped surpasses 500. Total aid shipped surpasses 10 million lbs.

1999 | M25M moves to 6th, 7th, and 8th warehouse spaces.
M25M constructs a distribution warehouse in Nicaragua supporting 25,000 people. Total aid shipped surpasses 5 million lbs. Fair market value of products shipped reaches $50 million. M25M dedicates Loveland, Ohio HQ.

1998 | 725 tons of aid shipped to victims of Hurricane Mitch.

1997 | 3 semis of relief shipped to victims of the Great Ohio River Flood of 1997.
Total number of containers shipped surpasses 100.

1996 | Total aid shipped surpasses over 2 million lbs.

1995 | Total aid shipped reaches 1 million lbs. M25M moves to 4th warehouse in Milford, Ohio. M25M restores Little Stones School in Nicaragua. M25M moves to 5th warehouse on Red Bank Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.

1994 | M25M establishes Dairy Co-op in Nicaragua.
M25M restores Chamarro School in Nicaragua.

1993 | M25M moves to 3rd warehouse in Milford, Ohio.

1992 | 501 (c)(3) non-profit status established. First M25M work group accompanies supplies on US Air Force cargo jet. M25M moves to 2nd warehouse in Milford, Ohio.

1991 | M25M registered as an Ohio corporation. First ton (2000 lbs) of supplies sent to Nicaragua.

1990 | Rev. Wendell Mettey makes first trip to Nicaragua. First donated warehouse of 2,000 SF.