Who is Matthew 25: Ministries?

Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization helping the poorest of the poor and disaster victims locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally regardless of race, creed, or political persuasion.

Is there more than one Matthew 25: Ministries?

There are several Matthew 25: Ministries throughout the U.S., but none of them are affiliated with our organization. The only location for this Matthew 25: Ministries is at 11060 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242.

Who donates the products that Matthew 25: Ministries ships to the needy?


  • U.S. Corporations that have slightly damaged, overstocked, or outdated inventories.
  • Hospitals, clinics, and schools that are either downsizing or upgrading their facilities.
  • Churches, schools, businesses, civic and fraternal organizations that wish to contribute collected items.
  • Individuals who want to share their possessions with those in need.


What type of goods are shipped to the needy?

Matthew 25: Ministries ships a wide variety of supplies to the poor. Please view the Types of Products We Accept for a representative list of supplies we ship.

Where are the goods shipped?

Supplies are distributed wherever there are people in need, primarily to children and the elderly in hospitals, clinics, orphanages, and schools throughout the United States and in developing countries. Please view our shipment reports for more information regarding shipment destinations.

How do you distribute your products to so many locations?

Often we work in conjunction with a humanitarian aid organization already on the ground in the recipient location. These organizations are familiar with customs requirements and the needs of the local people. Additionally, these organizations already have a distribution system in place to ensure that goods are distributed where they are needed the most.

How do you choose where to send things?

Matthew 25: Ministries works with on-the-ground partners to determine which products will be most helpful to the people in each location. The types of questions that we consider include:

  • Where is the greatest need?
  • Do we already have reliable contacts in place who can receive and distribute products? If not, can we reasonably expect to establish such contacts?
  • If we already have existing contacts in needy recipient locations, what products do we have available that the people need most? What products can we ship to them without difficulty for immediate distribution?


How do you get the money to ship things?

The majority of our cash donations come from individual donors. Some larger distribution partners reimburse M25M for acquisition and processing costs.

Why not focus solely on the needy in the United States?

There are two primary reasons:

  • First – some of our donor companies require us to send the items they have donated out of the United States so that their goods do not reappear in discount shops or flea markets here in the U.S. We always abide by those requirements.
  • Second – developing countries typically do not have their own relief organizations to help meet their needs. They rely on help from the rest of the world to survive. We provide that help.

What happens to the donated goods at your warehouse?

Items are first offloaded from donor trucks and semis. These items are then evaluated, categorized, inventoried, processed onto pallets, packaged, and stored. Finally they are shipped via semi-trucks or ocean-going vessels to the needy of the world.

How do you process all those donations?

Volunteers play a very important role in performing these tasks. Matthew 25: Ministries does almost everything through the help of volunteers. Volunteers work at Matthew 25: Ministries Monday though Saturday. Find out more about volunteering.

Who volunteers their time to work at the Matthew 25: Ministries warehouse?

Individuals, church groups, schools, scouting groups, civic organizations, and company groups who want to help make a difference in the world today all volunteer their time at Matthew 25: Ministries. There is meaningful work available to individuals of all ages, physical health, and time flexibility. View our volunteer page for more information about the volunteer experience.

Do you have a bag policy?

Yes. In order to maintain the safest and most enjoyable experience for all guests, Matthew 25: Ministries has implemented the following policy: No large bags or backpacks are permitted inside Matthew 25: Ministries. Purses and bags necessary for medical supply needs are allowed, but are subject to search.

What other types of donations are needed by Matthew 25: Ministries?

Matthew 25: Ministries greatly appreciates every donation of time, talent, and finances. Because more than 99% of Matthew 25: Ministries’ cash and in-kind donations go toward programs, every gift is equally important and every donation makes an incredible difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor and disaster victims. There’s a way for everyone to get involved. Find out more about How to Help.

What do you do to help the local community?

Matthew 25: Ministries is very involved with our local community of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • M25M works with a number of local organizations to distribute aid to the needy of Greater Cincinnati.
  • M25M supports many special programs throughout Greater Cincinnati, which help address specific needs of at-risk children, low-income and homeless families, individuals recovering from crises, and more.
  • M25M’s Fighting Hunger 5K and Food Drive raises food for distribution to local food pantries and shelters.
  • Local individuals and organizations frequently contact M25M requesting aid for a specific project or need. M25M provides advice, storage, in-kind support and operational networking whenever possible.
  • M25M’s Speakers Bureau reaches out into the community by speaking at schools, churches and other organizations.
  • M25M provides opportunities for non-violent correctional residents to perform community service and participate in rehabilitation programs.

How is poverty affecting the world today?

Billions of people are currently living in absolute poverty, which means they survive on less than $1 a day. With this extreme disadvantage comes health and lifestyle concerns that threaten lives.