Financial Donations

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Every gift to Matthew 25: Ministries makes an impact on the poorest of the poor and disaster victims. Financial donations help in all aspects of our ministry, including acquiring, processing, and warehousing product; distributing aid to people in need; providing disaster relief; and other program-related expenses. Additionally, funds assist with costs associated with the oversight and administration of programs. All gifts designated for a specific program are used for the purpose intended.

Help those in need by making a donation today. There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Whether you prefer making a one-time gift, setting up a monthly recurring donation, donating stock, or many other giving options, your gift will make a difference. Browse your options below, and please reach out to us with any questions. We are happy to help!

Matthew 25: Ministries is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Information shown is based on our independently audited 990 Report and Charity Navigator’s evaluation of our financial efficiency and transparency. For more detailed information, please visit our Financials webpage and also our Charity Navigator profile.

M25M Financials Chart

Percentages based on cash and in-kind (product) donations

Ways To Give

There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Browse your options below.

Matthew 25: Ministries also accepts donations of cryptocurrency.


Click on the icon above to make a donation online.

By Phone

Call us at 513-793-6256 to give over the phone.

By Mail

Mail checks to Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242.

In Person

Visit us and drop off a gift in person during our standard operating hours.

More Options

Contact Butch Elfers regarding estate planning, donations of stock, and other ways to give.

Matching Gifts

Your company could double or even triple your gift, with no added cost to you. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Search our matching gifts database to find out if your employer has a matching gift program as well as the guidelines, procedures and forms necessary to complete the process. Feel free to contact Matthew 25: Ministries with any questions—we are happy to help!

2020 Memorials

In memory of those mentioned below, a family member or friend has made a donation to Matthew 25: Ministries. Thank you for your generosity. The memory of your loved one is making a difference in the lives of many.

Keith Amundson
Beverly Anderson
Barbara Archer
Paul Armbruster
Jonah Ashcraft
Bill Astorino
Bert Aulfinger
Janet Ayres
George R. Bach
Jeanette Bailen
Mark Bailey
Virginia Baker
James A. Baldwin
Tony Balzano
Marlon Barnett
Kathy Roberts Barr
Denny Barrett
Norman Bass
Aaron Bateman
Jack Bauer
Vincent & Audrey Beckman
Fred & Lela Beebe
Jan Beebe
Michael Bialowas
James Binkley
Edith Blankenship
Jeffrey Bockelmann
Linda Boehner
Boes Boesing
Mom Boni
Janet Borgelt
Earl Bowen
Earl Bowman
Norma Bradley
Mary Ann Braeuning
William & Virginia Brennan
Susan Breslin
Latisha Brewer
Patsy Brooks
Jane Brown
Kathy Bruns
Joyce Buelsing
Mel Burbrink
James Burnes
James N. Butch
Tracy Butterfield
Mike Campell
Ngoon Fong Chow
Thomas Clarke
Robert & Beulah Cohen
James Collins
Vicki Comer
Nancy Cooke
Marian Crabtree
Arnold Crowder
Susana Luna Cuellar
Betty Dewenger
Dick Dostal
Anne Drennen
Clyde & Viola Dudley
Dan Eckert
Greg Edwards
Martha Camp Edwards
Tyler Edwards
Francis "Frank" Eichstadt, Jr.
Richard & Ensaf Eisele
James Ekberg
Virginia "Ginny" Elrod
Doris Marie Emerson
William "Bill" H. Emmons
Helen Eve
Brenda, Kay & Bill Fette
Thomas Ficker
Mary Fiorial
Mary Fisher
Carolyn Flynn
Adam Freund
Aunt Sabina Joan Gaskil
Sheri Gersin
Edward & Lorna Glischinski
Harriet Gress
Bonnie Gushard
Jack Haberthy
Terri Hackman
Uncle Carl Hager
Henry & Clara Hahn
Luke Danny Hall
Harold, Sara & Simon
Patricia Hauck
Carl Hawkins
Marilyn Hayhow
Bill Heileman
Ann Hendrigsman
Lou Hill
Greta Hoard
Steve Hoerst
Farrah & Edward Hormozi
George Houck
John Houston
Robert Loyal Howard
Sally, Steve & Susan Hoyer
Elaine Huber
Martin Forrest Huffman
Jean Hutson
Brenda Irish
Audell Jackson
Jimmy R. Jackson
Chris Jonakin
Catherine Jones
Joy Ellen & Daria
Akanksha Kamal
Jim Keely
Larry Keller
Julie Kent
Jacob King
Robert Kirkpatrick
Norm Kjos
Edward Kleren
Diane Knueven
Jane Kossen
Ronald Kramer, Sr.
Virginia "Ginny" Krause
Paul Kroger
Ronald Lakes
Martha Lawson
Carl Lemming
Cecilia Lemming
Congressman John Lewis
Lillian "Mom"
Nathan Love
Cherrie Lowes
Richard & Marie Madjeski
Harriet Irene Mangold
Walter & Carol Marciniec
JoAnn Markgraf
Robert Martin, Sr.
Roger Massa
Eugene "Gene" J. Matho, Sr.
T. S. Matthew
Mary & Mike Matthews
William Mayberry
Michael McBreen
Joan & Wendell McElwee
Darrell Miller
Dr. William Miller
Louise Miller
Hellen Miller Moore
Konrad Modschiedler
Nancy Moore
Susan Mosier Horn
Mari Ann Mullen
Ruth Nageleisen
David Nauss
Al Norman
Ruth O'Dell
Sean O'Malley
Joel Osterman
Alexander Toshio Otani
Harry Albert Palmer
Pauly & Stutlen Family
Clifford Dennis Perry
Bob Pharo
Trent James Phillips
Carl & Vivian Pitts
Domenic Polifrone
Todd Portune
Allan Wayne Pruitt
John Purcell
Susan Quirk
Dr. Betty Ray
Rich Reder
Carolyn Reutter
Michael Reynolds
Nicholes Jack Lee Rigdon
Kevin Riley
Jack Ristau
Donna Rizzo
Sharrow Roetting
Ester & Jesus Rojo
Marilyn Rose
Richard Royalty
Frederick G. Rudolph
Gail Ryan
Tom Saverbrey
Brandon Schochardt
Harry Schraivogel
Harold "Buster" Schreiber
Jazrielle "Peace" Semilla
Rev. Dr. Dennis Setzer
Jack Severson
Beulah Shay
Martin Sheridan
Robert Siegfried
Fred & Erna Siemro
Ruth Carolyn Sies
Abe & Ann Smith
John Becht Smith
Lee & Herschel Snapp
Mark Staib
Kenneth Stothfang
Elizabeth Ann Susor Vanatsky
Suzi & PeeWee
Jack Taylor
Doug Turner
Richard "Dick" A. Van Treese
Elizabeth "Betty" Vanatsky
Roland Vasconcellos
B. S. Verma
Barbara Vogelpohl
Neal Wagner
J. K. Walker
Alberta Weisner
Darlene Weisvord
Pat Westenberg
Dr. & Mrs. D. J. Westerbeck
Bill Willingham
Rich Winkle
Bill Withers
Patrick Wright
Claire Young
Deborah Young