Financial Donations

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Every gift to Matthew 25: Ministries makes an impact on the poorest of the poor and disaster victims. Financial donations help in all aspects of our ministry, including acquiring, processing, and warehousing product; distributing aid to people in need; providing disaster relief; and other program-related expenses. Additionally, funds assist with costs associated with the oversight and administration of programs. All gifts designated for a specific program are used for the purpose intended.

Help those in need by making a donation today. There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Whether you prefer making a one-time gift, setting up a monthly recurring donation, donating stock, or many other giving options, your gift will make a difference. Browse your options below, and please reach out to us with any questions. We are happy to help!

Matthew 25: Ministries is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Information shown is based on our independently audited 990 Report and Charity Navigator’s evaluation of our financial efficiency and transparency. For more detailed information, please visit our Financials webpage and also our Charity Navigator profile.

M25M Financials Chart

Percentages based on cash and in-kind (product) donations

Ways To Give

There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Browse your options below.

Matthew 25: Ministries also accepts donations of cryptocurrency.


Click on the icon above to make a donation online.

By Phone

Call us at 513-793-6256 to give over the phone.

By Mail

Mail checks to Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242.

In Person

Visit us and drop off a gift in person during our standard operating hours.

More Options

Contact Butch Elfers regarding estate planning, donations of stock, and other ways to give.

Matching Gifts

Your company could double or even triple your gift, with no added cost to you. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Search our matching gifts database to find out if your employer has a matching gift program as well as the guidelines, procedures and forms necessary to complete the process. Feel free to contact Matthew 25: Ministries with any questions—we are happy to help!

2021 Memorials

In memory of those mentioned below, a family member or friend has made a donation to Matthew 25: Ministries. Thank you for your generosity. The memory of your loved one is making a difference in the lives of many.

Earl Alexander
Louella 'Nano' Anderson
JoAnn & Ted Andrews
Bill Astorino
My Father, Bill Astorino
Harriet Autrey
Russell Ayres
Ron Bailey
Freddi Baker
Elaine Barbish
Katherine Barich
Gail Davis Barnes
Marlon Barnett
Fred Bay
Shirley Beahr
Janet Beck
Dennis "Denny" Becker
Virginia Becker
Vincent & Audrey Beckman
Dorothy Beitelshees
Vida Bennett
LouAnn Bicanich
Danny Biondo
Kesha Blankenship
Robert Blum
Alma Bockelie
Our Sister-in-law, Betty Boedeker
Rose Boettcher
Arlene Bostwick
Earl Bowen
Fred Brawand
Tom Brigger
Oma Brooks
Bill Buelsing
Shirley Buescher
James Burnes
Ray Burnett
Tracy Butterfield
June Campbell
Rosalia Caraballo
Fred Carney
Joseph & Shirley Carvitti
Byron Cassell
Madeleine & Dick Castellini
Journey Dior Chairez
Maxine Elizabeth Chillas
Ngoon Fong Chow
Chuck Ciotti
Franklin & Isabelle Clapper
Marjorie Clark
Carolyn Clendenin
Priscilla Clifford
Nancy Cooke
Zachary Cox
Jack Crowley
John F. Danahy
Erena Daniel
Harriet Darnell
Phil Davidson
Rev. James T. Davis
Zola Day
Cathy DeWaard
Janice Irene Dietz
Jack Dodd
My Little Dog
Thomas Dressing
Clyde & Viola Dudley
Sudie Ann Dunn
Alan Easterday
Dan Eckert
Greg Edwards
Tyler Edwards
Francis J. Eichstadt
Patty Escabedo
AJ Estell
Patty Laing (Best Mom Ever)
My Father
David Fenner
Brenda, Kay & Bill Fette
Roy & Joan Fitzpatrick
Dorothy Flammer
The lives lost in the Tornadoes & Floods
Patricia Frank
Jerry Gaines
Gail Galemmo
Sheri Gersin
Louise Gibson
Richard Gilbert
Joe Goebel
Wilburn Goebel
Thomas Gourlay
Brooklyn Grace
Chuck Granitz
Bob Green
Robert Green
Mabel Green
Harriet Gress
Joshua David Grieser
Marlene Grimmeissen
Anthony Gunner
Michael H.
Jack Haberthy
Dru Hacker
John & Margaret Halan
Charles & Isabel Hall
Randee Hall
Soon Ok Han
Dick Hauck
Patricia Hauck
Rick Hayes
Rob Hecksel
Donald Henke
Libby & Raymond Hernandez
Laura Ann Mettey Hill
James Hinds
My Son, Johnny & Granddaughter, Holli
Lee Holmes
Karen Holthaus
Neal Horning
Rose Howland
Edwina C. Hubert
Tom Huff
Martin Forrest Huffman
John Hughes
Mary Ellen Humbert
My Husband
Kermit Beckworth II
Michael Iori
Jimmy R. Jackson
Our Son, James
June L. Jewett
Dawn D. John
Charles Johnson
Catherine Jones
Connie Jones
Raymond Kagrise
My Grandmothers, Lucia & Kathren
Jo Anne Kelch
Joseph Keller
Martin Kelly
Dan King
Charles Knabe
Diane Knueven
Hayley Ann Kohn
Mark Krabbe
Robert Krapp
Ruth Krieger
Joyce Kuehl
Pat LaVelle
Karl Lang
David Langdon
Lisa Gray Latham
Cathy Lau
Edward Lemmermann
Jestin Lewis
Robert Lewis
The Parents of Rod and Lynn Lilyquist
Bob Lippert
Mary Little
Tom Sr. & Tom Jr. Loper
James Snyder, MD
My Wonderful Parents, Tom & Margie
Ryan Matchison
Mike & Mary Mathews
Jack McBride
Andrew J. McCanna
Robert McDonald
Eamon & Norva McGrogan
Constance L. McKercher
Ruth McLaughlin
Patrick McMullen
Joe McNeil
Frank McVicker
Jack Mettey
Tom Mettey
John Meyer
Billie Miles
Doris Minton
Bruce Miracle
Rhonda Mock
Tom Morenz
Maria Lambert's Mother
My Mother
Alexander Mourad
Elaine Mullin
Norm Muth
Ruth Nageleisen
Cindy Nease
Nick G. Nicholas
Herbert Nichols
Robert Ferrell Nixon
Augustus & Bernadine O'Brien
Maurice O'Daniel
Dr. & Mrs. Ondash
Nancy Oppito
Joel Osterman
Ronald Ostrowski
Our Parents
Eileen Parr
Jeanne Parrott
Paul Pavlow
Sarah Peterson
Florine Philiph
Dale Lynn Phillips
Trent James Phillips
Hank Pohlmeyer
Millie Powell
Todd Quirk
Elizabeth Ragouzis
Pauline Ransom
Jim Rawlinson
Matthew Reagan
Rosa Marie Rector
Susan Reid
George Reising
Ray Reistenberg
Patricia Renzoni
Paige Revette
Dennis Risch
Larry Risola
James "Tom" Roberts
Ester & Jesus Rojo
Jesse Rosebush
Jack Rosenberry
Frederick G. Rudolph
Judith "Judy" Ann Russell
Allen Sanders
Michael Schaen
George Schauer
Sondra Schimming
Dori Schindler
Matthew Schleicher
Betty Schneider
Margaret Schumacher
Rick Schuster
Louise Schwartz
Our Son, Scott
Mary Sferre
Fred & Erna Siemro
Cecil Smith
Russ Smith
Lori Ann Wright Smith
Lee & Herschel Snapp
My Son
Emma Jane Speeg
Norman Bass Sr.
Andrew J Stahle
Molly Steinsapir
Arlen Stevens
Mitchie Stone
Laura Lea Stoner
Kenneth Stothfang
Sonia Siebler Strauss
Kevin D. Street
Betty Stutler
Tom & Sue
Cyrill Swegert
Ann L Tardy
Ken Tarvin
Thomas M. Tetzler
Gilbert G. Thalheimer
Thai Thi Thanh Thoa
Charles William "Bill" Thomas
Jim Thompson
Margie Trivett
Marjorie Rae Trivett
Marjorie Trivett
Lucille Trossman
Douglas "Doug" Turner
Richard Tuten
Dorothy Valentine
John Wade
Jean Walker
Ellie Walston
Glenda Lawson Walton
Glenda Walton
Mary Lou Weaver
Walter D. White
Ronald Williams
Geraldine "Gerry" Wilson
Douglas Wimberly
Tom Winans
Irving Wollman
Patrick Wolterman
Bruce & Jan Wrenn
Thomas Yoder
Claire Young
Deborah Young
Patricia Zepf
COVID-19 victims