Financial Donations

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Every gift to Matthew 25: Ministries makes an impact on the poorest of the poor and disaster victims. Financial donations help in all aspects of our ministry, including acquiring, processing, and warehousing product; distributing aid to people in need; providing disaster relief; and other program-related expenses. Additionally, funds assist with costs associated with the oversight and administration of programs. All gifts designated for a specific program are used for the purpose intended.

Help those in need by making a donation today. There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Whether you prefer making a one-time gift, setting up a monthly recurring donation, donating stock, or many other giving options, your gift will make a difference. Browse your options below, and please reach out to us with any questions. We are happy to help!

Matthew 25: Ministries is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Ways To Give

There are many ways to give to Matthew 25: Ministries. Browse your options below.

Matthew 25: Ministries also accepts donations of cryptocurrency.


Click on the icon above to make a donation online.

By Phone

Call us at 513-793-6256 to give over the phone.

By Mail

Mail checks to Matthew 25: Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242.

In Person

Visit us and drop off a gift in person during our standard operating hours.

More Options

Contact Butch Elfers regarding estate planning, donations of stock, and other ways to give.

Matching Gifts

Your company could double or even triple your gift, with no added cost to you. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies also match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.

Search our matching gifts database to find out if your employer has a matching gift program as well as the guidelines, procedures and forms necessary to complete the process. Feel free to contact Matthew 25: Ministries with any questions—we are happy to help!

2019 Memorials

In memory of those mentioned below, a family member or friend has made a donation to Matthew 25: Ministries. Thank you for your generosity. The memory of your loved one is making a difference in the lives of many.

John & Grace Ailshire
Anthony Amith
Jan Andress
Jerry Appel
Ondo Bacher
James Michael Baker
Norman M Bass Sr
David Baterman
Richard & Anne Jane Baumgartner
Roger Bazzell
Ellen Bennett
Romain Boike
Bill Borghese
John Bovyer
James Bowman
Dorothy Ann Bridges Rodgers Lorentz
Lydia Brinker
Brother Tim
Thomas Edwin Buckmaster
Carol Burger
James Burns
Jim Burns
Linda Burse
Jim Butler
Tracy Butterfield
Libby Campbell
Molly Campbell
Colleen Carrier
Jimmy Carver
Rachel Casavant
Melissa Cheek
Franklin & Isabelle Clapper
Loy & Clyde Clay
Bill Colgan
Donald Colston
Vicki Comer
James & Rose Conley
Bill Crane
Theresa Dao Thi Ke
Jeremiah Bill Dempsey
Irene Dixon
Priscilla Dorn
Margaret Doyle
Clyde & Viola Dudley
Frank Duermit
RJ Dunton
Judith Dyer
Edelta & Reed
Edmund Family
Greg Edwards
Richard Eisele
Earl Elliot
Donna Felss
Robert Ferdon
Jeff Figg
James P Flaig
Robert Ford
Kathleen Francis
Bob Fritze
Vivian Fuller
Sheri Gersin
Tanner Gilchrist
Flo Gilpin
Gilscinski Family
Darrell Goad
James Golau
Brooklyn Grace
Bob Gregory
Vivian Groene
Tom Grogan
Roy Grosnickle
Charles & Isabel Hall
Randee Hall
Ruth Hall
Linda Hall Griff
Thomas Haney
Harriet, Hallma & Dayyan
Marilyn Harvey
Rob Hecksel
Ali Hettich Wray
Robert Horn
Carl Hornsby
Mike Houston
Mary Ellen Humbert
Elvera Johnson
Brian Johnston
Catherine Jones
Joseph Keller
Mary Keller
Rolene Kiesling
Homer King
Ed Kirby
Jean Knox
Diane Knueven
Tom Kollman
Helen Kosonovich
Paul & Julia Labowsky
Dr Don E Lahrman
George Long
Gerri Loving
Dorthy Ann (Tressie) Lowe
John & Bernie Lpvatch
Margie Maday
Judith Mahoney
Carl & Lucille Marcello
Marcia Sue
Ron Marsh
Mary Alta Masemore
Juanita Mason
Michael Massenzio
Paul Maus
Albery & Mary May
Jim Mayer
Byron McCann
Lloyd E McCleary
Liz McKenna
Olla Alice McLane
Jack Mettey
Joan Mettey
Jean Minors
Anita Moerlein
Ida Molina-Zinam
Betty Morgan
Ellen Morgan
Andrew Morlein
Pip Morrow
Wadad Moussa
Olivia Neubauer
Melvin Noschang
Marie A Nowlan
Patricia Olson
Nancy Oppito
Adelaide Ottenjohn
Jonathan K Peney
Peggy Pergram
Tim Perkins
Martha Phelps
Howard L Phoenix
Michael & Lenora Pichero
Lloyd Pitman
Francis Michael Platt
Professor Bill Pryor
Ken Randolph
Lester Ratcliff
Freda Rich
John Richardson
Dennis Riddle
Judy Rolfert
Roger Romer
Norma Jean Rosskopf
Rob Roy
Harold Salyers
Betty Salzer
Bob Sanford
Martha Saylor
Donald Lee Schewene
Margaret & Floyd Schlauch
George Schlelein
Uncle Bill Schlelein
Marcella Schneider
Bob Schott
Gilbert Schulte
Karen Schwartz
Louise Schwartz
Robert Seipelt
Barry Smith
Glenn & Betty Smith
Ruth Smith
Dave Sparks
Marge Spinner
Keith Stewart
Garrett Bill Stone
Steve & Beatice Takach
Joseph Tassone
Alex Thein
Douglas Todd
Frank Tolle
Charles Trees
Cheryl Vandelicht
Mary Viasak
Bill Wachs
JK Walker
Thomas Walsh
Judith Ward
Joyce Watson
Ruth Wehrman
Mary Lou Welch
Jim Wellman
Ted Wenstrup
Dr & Mrs DJ Westerbeck
Martin Wheridan
Matthew Whitman
Dell Williams
Richard Williams
Robin Williams
Sally Williams Gray
Dr Jim Willig
Janet Wilson
Jerry Wissel
Donald Wood
Jack Woodham
Claire Young
Mark Zechara
Ronald Zins