Special Programs

Making a Long-Term Impact

In addition to providing ongoing humanitarian aid and catastrophic disaster relief, Matthew 25: Ministries works with partners to develop a number of special programs designed to meet targeted needs throughout the world.

These programs address critical life-sustaining or life-improving problems and include the care and treatment of birth defects, skill-development and microenterprise programs, educational enhancement, long-term disaster recovery and capacity building.

Our special programs have a life-changing impact on the individual beneficiaries and the entire community.

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Learn About Our Programs

Fresh Food Focus

Matthew 25: Ministries has expanded our local food distributions to provide fresh food, as well as additional shelf-stable food, to food pantries, shelters, and feeding centers that assist underserved populations throughout Greater Cincinnati. The Fresh Food Focus receives approximately 20 pallets of fresh or nonperishable food per week for distribution to local partners to supplement the great and essential work they are doing in our community. Thousands of families benefit from this program weekly.

Bel Fle's Water Program

Access to safe drinking water helps reduce exposure to countless diseases and helps reduce deaths from preventable illnesses. Bel Fle’s Water Program helps provide clean, accessible water to the community surrounding the hotel in order to improve the lives of people in the area. Community residents are able to bring their containers to the property for a Bel Fle staff member to fill them with clean water from the hotel’s reserves.

Belvi: The Nancy Oppito Center for Family Health

Matthew 25: Ministries has been working with the people of Haiti since 1998. As an extension of this work, we began Belvi: the Nancy Oppito Center for Family Health. Belvi helps provide affordable and reliable primary care to local residents, specializing in preventive care, women’s health, and family medicine. Belvi is also equipped to provide medical pop-up clinics, helping to meet immediate healthcare needs. 

Community Development Program

In conjunction with on-the-ground partners, Matthew 25: Ministries participates in community development projects around the world. Projects include building new homes and residential latrines; upgrading existing homes with more substantial, weather-tight construction; installing wells, water filters, hand pumps or individual spigots that provide clean drinking water; and building new school facilities for students who had been learning under tattered canvas tents.

Grow Right Program

Grow Right is a ground-breaking supplement developed by world-renowned nutritional chemist Dr. Haile Mehansho. Grow Right contains 11 essential micronutrients that are formulated in a way that allows for maximum absorption, helping the children who drink this product to experience drastic improvements in their overall health and school performance.

Recycling Program

Matthew 25: Ministries rescues and reuses approximately 14,500,000 pounds of products each year. These products include clothing, food, personal care products, cleaning products, medical supplies, educational materials and latex paint. Donated products are processed and packaged for shipment at Matthew 25: Ministries’ over 200,000 square-foot facility in Blue Ash.