In-House Manufacturing

Assembling and Blending Humanitarian Aid Products

Matthew 25: Ministries is always seeking additional opportunities to increase our impact on the poor of the world. We supplement outside donations by manufacturing, assembling, repurposing and reblending products in-house at our facility in Blue Ash, Ohio. Many of these internal manufacturing programs were developed in direct response to under-met needs of recipients.

These programs provide consistent access to frequently-requested items such as nutritious, easy-to-prepare food, basic educational materials like school notebooks and pencils, and long-lasting building materials like durable latex paint.

Additionally, these programs often creatively repurpose products destined for the landfill or incineration facility, thus protecting and improving our environment.

Rainbow Paint Reblending Program

Matthew 25: Ministries’ Rainbow Paint Reblending Program accepts donations of unwanted, unused or mistinted latex paint for reblending purposes and provides a high-quality reblended/recycled latex paint to nonprofits, schools and public facilities in under-developed areas throughout the U.S. and in developing countries worldwide. This product helps complete much-needed maintenance, rehab, upgrade and improvement projects in areas of great need.

View our guidelines for donating latex paint.

Notebook Manufacturing Center

Education is a key part of breaking the cycle of poverty. In fact, our Founder and President Rev. Wendell Mettey believes “Education is the SUPERHIGHWAY out of poverty.” Unfortunately, many children living in impoverished areas of the United States and around the world cannot afford basic school supplies needed to succeed in the classroom.

Matthew 25: Ministries’ Notebook Manufacturing Center uses industrial printing equipment and low-cost bulk paper to make school notebooks for children in need.

By supplying these notebooks and other donated school materials, Matthew 25: Ministries ensures that each student, regardless of income, has a chance to learn, grow, and earn an education. In the future, these students will be better equipped to get a job, earn a livable income, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Prasco Food Processing Center

The cost of food worldwide has increased drastically over the past several years, making it harder for families in poverty to survive. Approximately 800 million people around the world are hungry.

In response to this growing need, and with the generous support of Prasco, Matthew 25: Ministries built the Prasco Food Processing Center. This facility can assemble approximately 5,000 bags of food per day, allowing for quick response to natural disasters, during which nutritious food and clean water are essential components of emergency relief.

Write Your Future Pencil Program

In developing countries, families are often unable to afford uniforms, supplies and other costs of schooling for their children. As a result, children are unable to attend school and acquire the basic educational skills that will allow them to become productive, responsible members of society.

The objective of Matthew 25’s Write Your Future Program is to enhance the learning experience for needy children by providing them with the materials they need to learn effectively.  Matthew 25 has developed an internal program to produce notebooks and pencils in order to meet these needs.

Matthew 25’s Write Your Future Pencil Program uses recycled paper that is rolled and glued around a lead insert, dried, cut and polished, encased in a sleeve and topped with an eraser, creating a fully functional, high-quality pencil.