A Calm and Deep River

Our boat left the choppy, troubled waters of the lake and entered the smooth, calm waters of the river. As we rode along, the quiet water parted before us, our wake rolled towards the peaceful shore behind us. I considered these two bodies of water.
The lake was, indeed, vast but shallow. The river was narrow but deep. Its depth produced a calm that the lake did not have. It was able to resist the winds and was not at their mercy as was the lake. The river was not completely safe from strong winds and hard rains. Occasionally its surface would reflect a stormy period. But on such occasions, it was able to calm itself down faster than the lake.

Consider how the winds of life play havoc with things shallow and disturb little things which run deep. We would seek to have such lives, deep and able to handle the winds of life. But how is this accomplished? Many ways, but first among the many – maintaining a deep and abiding faith in God.

May the Lord deepen our lives and help us withstand the storms of life.

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