A Dumpster

One day while driving home I came upon a most unusual and peculiar sight, to say the least. There in the driveway of a beautiful and expensive house was a large trash container, I believe they are called dumpsters.

Whatever they are called, they are a common sight to city dwellers. Wherever an old building is being rehabilitated or demolished there they are. They are placed on the sight and filled to overflowing with all the broken beams, bits and pieces of broken plaster and bricks, and the many other items which cannot be salvaged. Then they are picked up, carried off to the city dump or some landfill, emptied and returned.

“What could such a thing be doing in the driveway of this suburban house?” I wondered as I drove past it each day. Much to my amazement my question was answered over the next few days. Three workmen, working several days, brought from the house so much trash and junk, worthless items of all sorts, that the dumpster was filled to overflowing. At a “rehab” or demolition sight, yes, but outside this lovely home…unbelievable!

how seeing that dumpster sitting in that driveway, filled with all that trash left by the former owners of the home, in a way, could represent life, perhaps mine or yours. The contents taken from the house would then represent the way we lived our life. I kept pondering how, at life’s end, when we move on, what will be found of our life which others will have to contend. Will it be worthless trash to be carted off to some dumpster, or will it be the stuff others will see as something of worth? Will they see it as something that should be cherished and taken not to the dumpster but to the heart – sweet memories of a life lived that left behind not trash but things of great value.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 4/16/2014

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