A Lost Person’s Best Friend

I haven’t been in a toy store for some time. So it was rather nice and a bit nostalgic to be in one the other day. It was fascinating to see all the new toys and interesting to see that some old favorites are still around. There was one section; I suppose it could be called “safety devices” for the children’s section. When our children were small we had to improvise, today you can buy it.

There was the “portable potty seat” so little Tommy won’t fall in and a “potty lock” so toys can’t be flushed down and eliminating a need for a plumber. There was a “slam guard” to keep little hands from being caught in doors and “safe locks” so cabinet doors cannot be opened. Also, I saw “cord guards” that prevent little hands from pulling big lamps off of tables and “safety grip covers” so door knobs cannot be turned. And the old standby, an assortment of electrical outlet guards and night lights.

There they were, truly, the “state of the art” safety devices; a “telephone picture dial,” which allows small children to place a telephone call by pressing the picture of a firefighter, police officer, or perhaps daddy at the office. And then there was the ultimate in the “state of the art” – a “tub alert.” The telephone rings, you leave your child in the tub (I don’t think that’s a good idea – maybe they have in mind a much older child) and while you are away the child turns on the water. The “tub alert” will sound when the water gets to a certain level.
And finally the reason for me sharing all of this with you: there was a simple “alert bracelet” with a small compartment where vital information is placed in case the child gets lost. The promotional message upon the package was: “A lost child’s best friend.”

CONSIDER, walking from the store I thought of the Bible and the vital information it contains. No, not so much about the lost person but about the one who finds lost persons. If it had been in this section perhaps the promotional message upon its package would be: “Jesus, a lost person’s best friend.”

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 11/18/2013

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