A Note from God

My four year old granddaughter called me early one morning. “Boy, did I ever have a wonderful dream last night, Grandpa,” she said excitedly.

“Oh, that’s nice!” I responded. “What did you dream?”

“I dreamed that God came into my room. Oh, He was so beautiful. His clothes, His face, His hair … and you know what, Grandpa? He gave me the most wonderful note.”

“Note! Oh, He did! What did it say?” I questioned.

“Don’t be silly, Grandpa,” she said, “You know I can’t read.”

Consider how we all have been there before. There’s a decision to make, a problem to solve, a crisis to face, a fear to overcome. We seek a message from God, and when it comes we can’t read it. We question in our hearts, “Is God’s wisdom beyond our understanding?”

It is a growing and learning process, this reading the writing of God. Soon my granddaughter will discover how letters become words; words, sentences; and sentences, thoughts and ideas. She will also discover that be it a schoolhouse or in the innermost recesses of her heart, if she draws closer to the Author of Life, seeks to walk with Him daily, she will be able to read the “notes” God sends her.

And so shall we all.

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