A Still, Small Voice

While making my way though the narrow downtown streets of Pittsburgh, I saw on a nearby street corner a crowd of people waiting to cross. Approaching the corner was a man being led by his seeing-eye dog. The dog was ever so skillful in weaving his master in and out of the busy sidewalk traffic. Soon they arrived at the corner and the dog sat down at his master’s side.

Finally, one man became inpatient and started to cross on the red. Soon another, then another, eventually everyone was “off to the races.” Feeling the movement of the people, the man tugged on his dog, thinking perhaps the dog was distracted. The dog would not budge. The man tugged again and this time took a step. The dog stood up and stretched out his head and placed it firmly across the legs of his master indicating, “We are not going anywhere.” His master smiled and reached down and patted his dog. When the light changed the dog led his master safely across the street.

Thinking of this dog I was reminded of Elijah and the time life became a bit overwhelming for him. The great prophet went and hid in a cave atop Mt. Horeb. There God spoke to him in a way the prophet described as “a still, small voice.” CONSIDER, that still, small voice did not only “calm him down” but it helped Elijah get his balance.

And so it is good for us when we would get swept up and along by the philosophies, morality and life styles of today, to seek out that special spot and listen for “a still small voice.” A voice that will lead us safely and victoriously through life as did that seeing-eye dog lead his master through busy downtown Pittsburgh.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 8/4/2014

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