A Time of Need

During a severe winter I saw a sign posted at the entrance of a store: WE HAVE NO SALT, SNOW SHOVELS, OR SLEDS. While I was trying rather unsuccessfully to find a pair of boots, I heard a disgruntled shopper complain to a salesman, “I can’t find where you keep the gloves!” The salesman smirked and replied, “That’s ’cause, lady, we are completely sold out of gloves. You know the weather and all!”

Salt, snow shovels, boots, gloves, and snow sleds had become much needed items. Unfortunately, they had become difficult, if not impossible, to find. The previous mild winters had caught us ill-prepared for the severe winter we faced that year. We found ourselves in need.

Consider how we all have our own personal times of need. As a pastor I am often with people during these times. Some are able to cope better than others. The reason is simple. Those who buy winter supplies in August are never in need when the snow falls in January. Likewise, those who walk daily with their God while the sun is shining, also have His company and shelter when the dark clouds roll in and it begins to storm.

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