An Unbroken Melody of Faith

One of the musical highlights of the Ohio Baptist Convention was the playing of a marimba. Much like the xylophone, the marimba is a “percussion instrument consisting of a series of bars, graduated in length to sound the musical scale, and sounded by striking with wooden hammers”. The woman playing it was truly a master musician. Using four hammers, striking the keyboard thousands of times, she produced such a beautiful sound. It was remarkable!

Listening to her play, I noticed that amidst the continuous striking of the bars there was an unbroken melody. Once a particular bar was struck, called to life by the master musician, it continued to resonate, blending in with those struck before and after it, producing the unbroken melody.

Sitting there watching a master at work, and listening with great delight, I thought of how we too are struck and brought to life but once by our great master. CONSIDER, we live but once and yet our music lives on as it blends with others forming the unbroken melody of faith. Perhaps this is what the writer of Hebrews calls being “surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses”.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 2/26/2014

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