Blind Crayfish

Our guide stopped and shined his light onto one of the ponds in the cave. There, jetting through the water were some strange creatures. We all huddled around the pond to get a better look.

“Yes, those are crayfish,” said our guide. “White crayfish!” The crayfish is one of the many inhabitants which has adapted to its cave environment. In total darkness its camouflage coloring is no longer needed. Its body is smaller than its cousin’s which lives out in the sunlight, again adapting to the scarcity of food. And probably its greatest adaption is its sight. It has none. It is blind. Sight is not needed in total darkness. “I now turn your attention to the rock formation on your right …”

The tour of the cave went on, but my thoughts lingered there at that pond. CONSIDER those crayfish and what total darkness had turned them into: colorless, undernourished and blind! Consider how darkness will do the same to us if we allow it.

When we exist in darkness, our hunger for knowledge and truth is lessened and we become undernourished. Our ability to see what is right and how we should live also leaves us, and we become blind. In essence we become colorless things, and our world becomes a pond of survival instead of an ocean of life. God did not create us to live in the darkness. He created us to live in the light of life, and know the abundance it brings.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 8/4/2014

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