Clapping: An Expression of Thanks

It was called a “moment of joyous participation.” It was the long awaited day little Katie received her artificial arm. Born without her left arm, Katie was unable to do all the things a little girl would like to do. Now she could, most of them at least, thanks to this new electronic device. After the arm was in place, what do you think was the first thing Katie said she could do now?

“Now,” she exclaimed, “I can clap like all the other children!”

Considering little Katie and her response, I had to confess I would have said many other things before clapping. Clapping would not have been among them or, at least, not very high on the list. Swinging a tennis racquet, holding a fishing pole, driving a car perhaps, but not clapping. However, the more I considered Katie and her response, the more I realized what a marvelous thing clapping is!

Clapping is an expression, often spontaneous, which happens when we reach out to others in appreciation and praise. It is a way of saying that we are delighted and thrilled with what is taking place. It is a response which thunders, “That’s terrific!”

Consider how in a world which is often critical and unappreciative of all God does and gives to His people, maybe we need to learn how to clap all over again. Perhaps we need to close our lips tightly, take a step back, look up and say to God with hands clapping, “Lord, you’re wonderful!”

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