Coming Home

A friend recently took his family on a three-week long vacation. They had no sooner begun when his five year old daughter said, “When are we going home?” Throughout the next three weeks, the little girl would often pause at whatever she was doing, seek out her mother or father, put her head on their lap and say, “When are we going home?”

Finally the day arrived. The family was driving north on I-71. “Honey,” the father said, “we are almost home. Sit up tall and soon you will see Cincinnati.”

An hour or so passed, and there, in the valley below, was the Queen City. It was indeed a welcomed sight for a car full of weary travelers. Everyone was excited – everyone except the little girl. She had fallen asleep. She asked for this moment since the first day they left. She wanted to see this sight more than anyone in the car, and she was asleep.

Luke tells us that when Jesus was transformed on the mountain, his disciples slept. They had come so far and experienced so much and just at a time of receiving a small preview of the glory awaiting them, they slept.

Consider how the race is most tiring the last few yards. The climb is the most difficult just before the peak. The temptation to give up or fall asleep is the greatest when the victory is within grasp.

When my friend’s family arrived home, their little girl sprang to her feet. Smiling from ear to ear, she said, “We made it!” And so shall God’s people, regardless of the race or the climb.

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