Consider the Daffodils

They swayed to and from in the gentle spring breeze, their yellow beauty a delight to each passing motorist. They had pushed up through the thawing sod unnoticed, and blossomed into a blanket of spring flowers, adding color and charm to the front of our church for Easter.

Suddenly the weather changed. Freezing rain and the temperature began to fall. By morning the flowers, their heads once standing tall, now lay upon the ground. Caught in the brilliance of new life, they now dotted the ground, their yellow blossoms heavy laden with ice crystals. What a pathetic sight!

Then as morning yielded to mid-day, the sun firmly fixed overhead, these flowers courageously began lifting themselves off the ground. Drawn by the sun, slowly their icy bondage was broken; they reached towards the source of their freedom, and at day’s end their heads were once again standing tall.

CONSIDER, some may say, not the splendid beauty of first bloom, marked and discolored by the ice and cold. But in another way their determination, courage, and faith made them an even more splendid sight.

Consider the lilies of the field…and if God takes care of these…will He not much more take care of you.”

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 4/7/14

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