God Remembering Us

An old man shuffled in and took a seat next to me in an out-of-the-way booth. A waitress came over and said with a smile and a pat on the shoulder, “Hi, Honey! Haven’t seen you for a while. I’m glad you came in today!” The old man looked up, but she was gone before he could respond.

“Just insincere business talk,” he thought as he looked down at the menu.

Soon she returned and placed an envelope on his outstretched menu. She smiled again and said, “Happy Birthday!”

He looked up, eyes glistening, lip quivering. He whispered, “Someone did remember.”

* * *

He was a thief, his death – the cross. He was a pathetic figure dangling in the hot afternoon sun. He was slipping away as he came into the world, and probably as he lived – alone! No one ever cared, except on that day. “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” Someone did remember.

* * *

Consider how at just the moment that the thief thought he had come to the end, when he felt all was lost, the moment both he and the man in the restaurant thought they had been forgotten – if not forsaken – God sent word that He remembered them. Isn’t that what makes the Good News, good news? God is remembering us! No matter how lonely, forsaken or forgotten, God is sending our way people such as a waitress in a restaurant, even Himself upon the cross, to let us know He remembers.

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