God’s Night Light

Early one morning I quietly got out of bed. Trying not to disturb the others still fast asleep, I turned on a small night light. To my surprise the light filled the room. Its light ran down the hallway into the other bedrooms. I quickly turned it off. “Someone must have replaced the bulb,” I mumbled as I closed the door. I turned on the night light once again and examined the bulb. It was not changed. It was the same one.

Soon I was ready to leave the house. The sun was up and shining brightly. As I started to walk out the front door I remembered that little night light. I had left it on, or had I? The room was so bright now, I couldn’t tell if it was still burning. I had to cup my hands around it in order to see if it was still on. It was. I turned it off and went on.

Later that day I considered how that little night light shined its brightest when it was the darkest. It even seemed to increase in intensity the darker it got. And such is the light that shines in the lives of those who know God. To each He has given such a night light. It is not for the day, it is for the night. It is a night light. It is our comfort and our assurance. The night with its troubles may come, and come it shall. The darkness it brings may seem all consuming, but the Good News is we will not be consumed by it.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5)

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