Hide and Go Seek

Our little granddaughter emerged from her bedroom after a five minute stay and said rather disappointedly, “Hey, how come you guys didn’t come and find me?” She had decided to play hide-and-go-seek, but didn’t tell anyone. She was hiding, but we did not seek because we did not know we were supposed to.

I took my little granddaughter up on my lap and explained to her that in order for us to come and seek, she would have to tell us that she was hiding. As I was explaining this, I was thinking, “Gee, I’m glad that isn’t the way with God!”

Consider how no one had to tell God that His children were hiding or lost. He simply came and knew to come, not because we told Him to come, but because we were gone away from home too long. Our absence caused Him to come and seek. In Jesus Christ we see a God who comes seeking those hiding and the lost.

Unfortunately, we do not always follow God’s example. We find ourselves living in a world filled with people who are hiding and lost, and we do not seek because we say no one told us. We could say that to my granddaughter concerning this children’s game. But do we dare say to a world in hiding, “No one told us,” in light of the Cross and the price Jesus paid, because He came on His own seeking you and me?

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