Lost and Found

Something that always amazes me and brings to my overly orderly mind a measure of pleasure is seeing those white and green plastic bags, bulging with trash, lining the interstates for miles and miles. Where does all of this trash come from? Oh, I’ve seen a few litterbugs in my day caught in the act, but this calls for a litterbug of epic proportions, like the one which ate Tokyo in one of those Japanese movies! Amazing!

To a lesser degree our lost and found box here at Matthew 25: Ministries amazes me. You keep losing it; left gloves, right shoes, little mirrors, hats…and we keep finding it…and into the lost and found box it goes.

The other day I was reaching behind this box for something on the shelf, thinking all the while…how careless…how forgetful people are to lose all of this stuff, when suddenly, I exclaimed, “Hey, that’s my tie!” One of my favorites at that, and I didn’t even know it was lost!

CONSIDER how things have a way of getting lost and we don’t even look for them because we don’t even know they are lost. They haven’t lost their importance to us; it’s just that other things have our attention. I suppose that’s okay for ties and the likes, but what about things of far more value. Such as an old friend…or time to pray or the Bible…a time with our family. All important but can be easily misplaced, even lost.

The lost and found box is full. Maybe it needs our looking through it. We might just find something that belongs to us… “For the life of me I can’t figure out how my tie got there…

Rev. Wendell Mettey

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