Moisture-Rich Eyes

“Are your eyes tired and irritated…do they feel strained …?” The commercial coming over the car radio continued, “…then perhaps you have moisture poor eyes.”

CONSIDER “moisture poor” eyes and think of the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.” I thought of the woman washing Jesus’ feet with her tears. I thought of Paul in great anguish writing to the Corinthians “with many tears.” I thought of weeping with a friend as we talked about a recent loss. I thought of that commercial trying to sell a product which would bring help to “moisture poor” eyes.

The time people can come the closest is when they share tears together. Tears are drops of compassion. They break forth when people feel one another’s joy and sadness. “Moisture poor” eyes are unable to do this, and need something to cause tearing. I’m afraid, however, that the product the commercial was trying to sell will not do this. No, I think such eyes need to be touched by the hands of Jesus. For He has the touch which can change tired, irritated, strained, “moisture poor” eyes into caring, loving “moisture rich” eyes.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 8/4/2014

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