Nothing I Have Made is Unclean

One morning, while in Nicaragua, our cars stopped in front of a freshly painted building. We had been told this was a home for mentally disabled and severely crippled children. A few moments later we were standing in the solarium waiting for the director. Through an open door we could see the courtyard. What we saw was so disturbing several in our group were forced to return to the cars. Children were everywhere, inflicted with every conceivable crippling disease and deforming malady which could befall a human body and mind. Twenty-five years of being a pastor and social worker had barely prepared me for this. I myself felt profoundly uneasy.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a little boy. He kept looking up at me, then at the ground. Finally when we made eye contact, I smiled. He began to giggle. With his hands over his face, he began playing “peak-a-boo” with me.

We walked into the courtyard and these children and those who cared for them walked into our hearts. I saw a place of much love if little in the way of material goods. We talked with the children who could understand us, hugged those who could not, and silently prayed for those unable to detect our presence. I left with a determination to help these children and these courageous people caring for them.

Upon my arrival back home, I was told that one of our most generous companies was sending over to the warehouse two 45-foot truckloads of supplies. This was totally unsolicited and unexpected. When the doors of the trucks were opened, we stood in complete amazement. Inside were hundreds of boxes stacked from the truck floor to the ceiling containing children’s wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and beds. CONSIDER how miracles can happen if we continue to believe.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 5/29/2014

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