Oh God, So Great is Thy Power

A house, once a home where people lived. A front porch, where people sat and visited with neighbors. A yard, where children played and trees and bushes were planted. Empty and abandoned, set afire by the city to make room for a new post office, it was now a raging inferno.

The smoke, black and gray, billowed into a blue sky, forming an ominous mushroom-like cloud high in the sky which could be seen for miles around. The flames, red and orange, leaped out in all directions, its spiny fingers consuming all they touched. The fire became so intense its heat could be felt across the street where my children and I stood with the many that stopped to witness this chilling sight.

My son Aaron, then four years old, motioned for me to pick him up and hold him in my arms. Once there, he brushed back the hair hanging on his forehead, wet from the heat of the fire and the humid day. He looked at me and said as he pointed to the fire now at its height, “Daddy, that is bigger than God!”

CONSIDER how in life we are confronted with situations which seem so awesome and consuming that they make us wonder if, indeed, God has been eclipsed by them. We feel as if we are a child in need of the protection by a parent, overwhelmed and greatly diminished by life which has fallen upon us with all its force. So immense we wonder if, indeed, even God can stand up against it. Perhaps He is outmatched by His own creation gone wrong.

How small we have made our God! How we have allowed a present trouble determine the size of God! How we need to step back and know that nothing in all of creation can lessen the might of God.

Father, indeed, “how great thou art!”

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 8/9/2014

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