Our Own Private Rainbows

A round bit of crystal with a small stand to hold it erect. A gift from a friend. It sits upon my desk for all to see. Upon it is etched a bird in full flight, the radiant sun above, the sea below and these few words, “Everyday is a new discovery.”

One day, as a gloomy and overcast morning yielded to the afternoon, the sun peeked its head from behind the cloud and sent its warm and brilliant rays through my window. The rays of light raced through that crystal and caused a spectrum of colors to cascade across my desk. What a glorious sight to behold! My own private rainbow! And to think it came from a day which started out to be anything but a rainbow day. Yet, there it was.

CONSIDER a God who causes such things to happen. Sitting there at my desk, delighting at this site before me, I thought of my God. A God who continually takes things gloomy and transforms them into things radiant. A God who sends to His people daily reminders of how to live the abundant life.

I looked at that crystal and considered how, indeed, in God’s beautiful world, if we will allow it, “EVERY DAY CAN BE A NEW DISCOVERY.”

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 8/9/2014

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