Singing in the Darkness

I woke up and looked at the clock on my bedside table. Its red numbers shone 5:00 A.M. I lay in the stillness and listened to the quiet, but not for long. From outside our bedroom window a sound filled the air. A small sparrow had taken up residence on our window ledge. It began to sing. Just as I was about to cover my head with the pillow, I noticed that other birds had begun singing. Soon it seemed as though every bird nearby was singing.

As I lay in the darkness of my bedroom listening to those birds singing, I considered what a blessing it was to be able to sing that way. The night was long. It was still dark, and yet they knew that dawn was coming. They were anticipating the first light of the day with their singing.

Singing in the darkness speaks of a special relationship these birds have with their creator. They know Him to be someone who is faithful and who will never leave them in darkness forever.

Darkness comes into every life as surely as night follows day. We are able to sing in the darkness because we know that God will not permit us to stay there forever. Our singing even in the darkness must, indeed, be sweet music unto the Lord, for it tells Him of the trust His children have in Him.

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