Spiritual Food

A young woman said during a group discussion, “The reason I stopped going to my church is because I was not getting spiritually fed.”

Being spiritually fed is vital to spiritual growth. Seeking and finding a place where we can receive spiritual food is important. However, just as vital is a proper spiritual diet. Sometimes we may think we are being spiritually fed, and so we are, but the diet may consist of what nutritionists call “junk food”.

Such spiritual food is especially appealing to the taste buds. It requires little chewing or digesting. It melts in your mouth and goes down ever so easily. Because of the weight we gain (Paul calls this excessive weight, being “puffed up”), we think we are growing, when in actuality this spiritual food contains not one ounce of real nutrition.

how a proper diet of spiritual food, then, should not be dictated entirely by our taste. The Word of God is often green beans and spinach. To be properly fed spiritually requires a willingness to take on our plates a little of all the foods God sets before us.

Perhaps the next time we feel the pangs of spiritual hunger we had better consider whether those pangs are because no food is being placed before us, or whether a “spiritual sweet tooth” is causing us to crave an improper diet.

Rev. Wendell Mettey

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