The Greater Power

Oh, the great power this man possessed,
Raised hands he calmed the tempest.

At Mom’s request, water into wine
In Galilee, demons to swine.

A touch from His hand, sight to the blind,
A mere word, peace to a troubled mind.

One night on the water He did walk,
They can tell you, it is not just talk.

At Bethany’s tomb he said “Come out!”
Lazarus’ friends, speechless, just stood about.

Oh, the great power this man possessed,
Raising the dead, miracles, all the rest.

Here I pause, saying to you my friend:
“I simply don’t understand the end.”

If He is God’s only begotten son
Could He not, say, command the sun?

With a nod or a word from his mouth,
Could He not change its course to north or south?

What power was there greater than He,
That kept Him there fastened to a tree?

What power on earth could hold Him there,
On that cross, in midair?

Could our sin be that greater power,
Which held Him into the third hour?

Satan? The greater power that day,
Which caught and held Jesus that way?

Troubled sore I gazed upon His face,
In His dying I beheld God’s grace.

At the moment my questions did cease.
I understood then, and knew such peace.

The greater power on that day than He,
That kept Him there was you and me.

‘Twas not Satan’s best, nor nails that day
A greater power forced to obey.

That greater power came from above,
It was for you and me HIS LOVE.

(Poem inspired by Catherine of Siena [1347-1380] Though she lived but thirty-three years, six centuries later, she continues to touch the lives of those who read about her life)

Rev. Wendell Mettey
June 11, 1991
Revised May 14, 2013

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