The Honey Bee and the Gadfly

The honey bee and the gadfly – both are just as active, but not nearly as productive.

First, there is the honeybee. It carries a honey sac. In order to fill that sac it has to make between 1,000 and 1,500 trips to different clover flowers. About 60 bees, with their sacs full, make about a thimble full of honey. It has been estimated that one beehive produces about 21 pounds of honey per day – that’s 5 million trips!

Then, there is the gadfly. While no statistics are available on its activities, one who has ever had one of these little creatures buzzing around his head while he is trying to enjoy a nice picnic lunch, will attest to the fact that a gadfly is constantly and persistently on the move. Instead of gathering honey, it enjoys stinging whatever and whoever is nearby. The gadfly has earned the reputation as an irritating and annoying pest.

CONSIDER that in God’s plan there is a purpose to the life of the gadfly, as there is an obvious purpose to the life of the honey bee. Nevertheless, there is certainly something to think about here. How would we compare ourselves? Is our activity productive or are we merely flapping our “wings”? Is there some meaningful purpose to our lives or are we merely the source of irritation? Are we collecting honey or are we spreading pain? This is something to think about!

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 4/26/2014

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