The Price of Arguing

I read a news article about a man who parked his car in a marina parking lot. While he was gone, the river rose and completely engulfed his car. That was terrible, but what happened while this occurred was even worse. The people who could have pulled the car to safety did nothing but argue.

The owners of the parking lot argued that they did not have the authority to move a car without the owner’s permission. When an independent wrecker arrived, the driver argued about who was going to pay him, so he drove on. Finally, the police were called, but too late. They were unable to get another wrecker there in time, and the car completely disappeared into the river.

How could “grown people” stand around and argue while something like this happened? Incredible! Yet the more I considered it, the less incredible it seemed. Scenes such as this one are not all that uncommon – maybe not so dramatic, but not that uncommon. I would imagine that all of us have been in such scenes from time to time. At the time, the arguments seemed so justified. But later, when watching the last bubbles rise to the surface, we wonder how we could have stood around arguing and allowed something so dear to us go under.

Oh God, help us to see what is really important before it is too late.

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