Two Bird Locked in Combat

I watched one day as two birds, locked in mortal combat, came crashing to the ground. They hit with a thud! One managed to fly away, noticeably wounded. The other flopped around for a few seconds, and then became still and died!

I considered how they began fighting high up in the air, many feet above the ground. During the fight they became so intent on fighting and not being the first to let go, that they did not realize they were plunging toward their destruction on the hard pavement below. Masters of the air, they fell to the ground like a stone.

I considered how easy it is to become so intent on something that we cannot see the greater consequences of what we are doing. And then, again, we may fully realize the consequences, but are so “locked in” we cannot let go. In either case, the end is destruction.

To be able to “let go” and to be able to see the price we will have to pay if we continue to “hold on” is a good thing. It can mean the difference between flying or plunging through the air to our destruction.

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