When Life is Churning Away

One of the joys I used to find in running around Sharon Woods Lake was seeing the many ducks and geese swimming about. A favorite pastime of many folks is feeding these beautiful animals. Scattered throughout the lake, the mere appearance of someone holding a sack full of bread and crackers will summon these birds.

From all over the lake they come, swimming so fast they leave a wake behind them. They swim as gracefully as they fly, gliding effortlessly across the water. Did I say effortlessly? My mistake. Or, I should say, an incorrect observation. On the surface, their journey across the lake may appear to be effortless, but beneath the surface, their little legs and webbed feet are churning away.

CONSIDER how we often give the impression on the surface that we are gliding along the waters of life effortlessly, when in fact below the surface we are churning away. For many reasons we feel we have to do this, that is, “put on this appearance,” but unfortunately, this deprives us of the comfort and support of others.

Granted, finding such supportive and caring people can be difficult, but they are worth looking for. Nothing is as valuable as someone we can talk to, confide in, share life’s struggles with … nothing. Not wealth, position, fame … nothing. If you have not found such a person, keep looking. But until you do, and even when you do, when life is churning away beneath the surface, remember and turn to the best friend anyone could ever have, Jesus.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 8/9/2014

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