Which God Do You Follow

Three young men were arguing the existence of God. One young man was an avowed atheist, another a believer and the other didn’t really care, some would call him an agnostic. For every argument the believer would pose trying to prove the existence of God, the avowed atheist would rattle off another argument denying His existence, and the agnostic would just shrug his shoulders and laugh at his friend’s dilemma of not being able to prove the existence of God.

After about thirty minutes of arguments, counter-arguments, and a number of shrugging shoulders, an older gentleman occupying a seat nearby said, “This is the silliest argument! One cannot prove or disprove the existence of God with words!”

The agnostic’s eyes widened and said, “You tell them pop!” To which the older gentleman replied, “I’m not yours or anybody’s soft drink. But I will tell you this. Yes, I have believed in God these 84 years. Someday soon I will be with Him. But to argue His existence is ridiculous. You see, all three of you acknowledge the existence of some god by the way you live. Answer me this; what occupies most of your time and thoughts? Around what do you revolve your life? There my boys will tell you which god you believe in! You can call yourself an atheist, agnostic, or believer but your true belief and the god that you follow depends upon how you answered those questions. Is there a God? That is a fruitless question, ask instead, my boys, which god have I chosen to follow?

Well, this encounter between these young men and the older gentleman never took place, to the best of my knowledge, except in my head. The point of the encounter is that we tend to think of God as someone out there to be proven instead of someone inside to be lived. False gods do exist just as the God of Jesus does. And it is only academic which of these gods we say we believe in or we say exists.
How do we organize our lives? Do we devote our time and thoughts towards the God of Jesus or have we settled for one of the lesser gods?

Around what do YOU revolve YOUR life? That is YOUR god!

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 9/25/2013

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