Who Has Moved?

People covered their eyes and ran for shelter. Cars came to a screeching halt. An eerie silence fell upon the city. Slowly the people emerged from their places of hiding. Squinting they looked skyward. Finally someone shouted “There’s no need to be afraid, it is only the sun!”

While I’m sure that scene never took place, I did imagine it happening the other day when the sun did begin to shine. Indeed, a strange sight in these parts with 5 to 6 weeks filled with cloudy rainy days. And it was to be expected that the sun shining would be a news item worthy of comment. The radio announcer said, “Well what do you know, the sun has come out!”

Hearing that statement I thought to myself, the sun doesn’t move in the same sense that it “comes out.” The earth moves and the planets move but the sun doesn’t move. Oh, an astronomer might challenge that and tell us everything in the universe moves, but for us here on old planet earth, the sun doesn’t move. So the sun doesn’t come out as if it were moving from a hiding place. The sun is always there. The earth spins us away from its sight and the clouds move in to block its rays. “So what?” you might ask. Well, we often think of our relationship to God in the same way.

CONSIDER how the closeness we feel or do not feel to God has nothing to do with the movement of God. God doesn’t move, we do! It is the way we feel and think, our clouds, if you please, that block his “sunshine” and His presence in our lives. At times our prayers would correct this by attempting to move God or perhaps we feel He has abandoned us because we feel He has moved away from us for something we did to Him. When all the time, regardless of what we do, think or feel, He is there, has and will be there. He doesn’t move. It is up to us to move away those clouds so He can shine into our lives. (Malachi 3:6)

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 2/27/2014

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