With God

One day I heard someone say, “Yes, it is true. With God all things are possible. But, we need to realize, God does not choose to do all things!”

So often we find ourselves wanting things or perhaps setting out on a “mission impossible” without consulting with God or feeling that it is necessary because “with God all things are possible.” We have been given the green light to attempt and expect even the impossible. Unfortunately, as we all so painfully discover, such an attitude is headed for disappointments.

The key words here are “with God.” God can do all things and we can do all things, even the impossible, if we are with God. It is not for us to choose what should be done, even though a thousand things around us cry out for us to do them. It is for us to discover what God has chosen to be done and then do it and accept it.

CONSIDER, when we are doing the things God has chosen for us to do, then and only then, do we truly receive the power to do all things. However, we must be in prayerful search of the things God is about and chooses for us.

Rev. Wendell Mettey
Revised 2/27/2014

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