Green Giving Campaign

Through our Green Giving Campaign, Matthew 25: Ministries acknowledges the important contributions of our Corporate Partners and their commitment to supporting global conservation and environmental sustainability. These partners are awarded Matthew 25: Ministries’ Green Giving Partner Seal, designed to acknowledge their dedication to minimizing corporate waste and practicing good corporate citizenship.

Matthew 25: Ministries’ guidelines for Green Giving require the specified Corporate Partners to meet the following applicable standards to be eligible for participation in the Green Giving Campaign and to display Matthew 25: Ministries’ Green Giving Partner Seal:

  • Donate product multiple times per year to Matthew 25: Ministries.
  • Donate a significant amount of product based on company size, location and/or capacity.
  • Demonstrate an overall commitment towards minimizing corporate waste.
  • Demonstrate outstanding corporate citizenship by repurposing corporate excess for humanitarian work.

Accessing Matthew 25: Ministries’ Green Giving Partner Seal is a privilege reserved for Corporate Partners that have received an invitation to participate, based on designated eligibility standards.

With the support of our partners, Matthew 25: Ministries rescues and reuses more than 20,000,000 pounds of unwanted products each year and redirects these desperately needed items to the poorest of the poor and disaster victims in Greater Cincinnati, throughout the United States, and around the world.