Grow Right Micronutrient

Worldwide Malnutrition

Over 2 billion people worldwide may be affected by micronutrient malnutrition. To combat these deficiencies, Matthew 25: Ministries distributes Grow Right, a micronutrient supplement.

Grow Right Micronutrient

Grow Right is a groundbreaking supplement developed by world-renowned nutritional chemist Dr. Haile Mehansho.
Grow Right contains 11 essential micronutrients, including iron, iodine, and Vitamin A. These micronutrients are formulated in a way that allows for maximum absorption in the body.

Children taking Grow Right receive significant health benefits, which include:

• Improved nutritional status
• Enhanced growth
• Enhanced strength and focus
• Improved school performance

Matthew 25: Ministries has provided Grow Right to approximately 6,000 undernourished children in Haiti. We anticipate expanding this program to other locations throughout the Caribbean and Central America in the near future.


“After drinking Grow Right juice, the children are stronger. They listen, do homework and study better. Since they started drinking the juice, they are healthier. Merci Matthew 25: Ministries.”
– Pastor Bruno Cherenfant, Administrator  |  Faith School & Church, Cap-Haitien, Haiti

“I can’t express how much they loved the juice. They want to have it all day. After drinking Grow Right juice, the children had more energy. They became stronger. They played better. They were doing better in school.”
– Pastor Jean Joachin Romain, Administrator  |  Orphelinat L’amour du Bon Berger, Haiti

“They loved it. They loved it more the more they drank it. After drinking Grow Right juice, the children were more physically active and stronger. The children were happier. You can see it on their faces.”
– Pastor Simeon Egloire, Administrator  |  Martin Luther King School, Haiti