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Be a Part of our Capital Campaign

When Rev. Wendell Mettey founded Matthew 25: Ministries in 1991, he began carrying supplies to Nicaragua in suitcases. Now, we ship more than 20 million pounds of products each year—that’s over 900 truckloads of aid—helping more than 25 million people.

Matthew 25: Ministries has been abundantly blessed with many generous donors and volunteers. Especially in response to the high number of recent disasters, we’ve received an outpouring of support. With your help, we are now helping more people than ever before, and in order to continue doing so, we need to expand our facility. We want you to be a part of this growth.



WAREHOUSE EXPANSION  | Matthew 25: Ministries has completed our 34,000 square-foot, 45 foot tall warehouse expansion, which holds an additional 3,800 pallets of aid. We have added two more dock doors, which will increase our inbound and outbound capabilities and allow us to ship truckloads of aid faster. New racking systems have been installed that will increase our storage capabilities in both our new and existing facility. In addition, our expanded parking lot will better accommodate our growing number of volunteers.

OFFICE RELOCATION  |  In order to provide more space for volunteers and staff, Matthew 25: Ministries has relocated the majority of our offices to another part of our building and added more office space. We welcome more than 60,000 volunteers per year, each of whom plays an essential role. By re-configuring our space, we can welcome more groups, register volunteers faster, and process products quicker. Also, as we continue to grow and expand our programs, we will need to add more staff to contribute to our efforts to help more people. The office expansion will support our growth in these areas as well. Most of the offices have been made out of shipping containers, which is both cost-effective as well as a unique representation of our work.

CHAPEL & ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS  |  Matthew 25: Ministries will be building a chapel as a place of reflection, worship, and honoring God together. We will be creating a multi-purpose room that will enhance our capabilities to serve our donors and our community in new and exciting ways. And we will be adding many more cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing improvements to our operations. Each project has been carefully and purposefully planned to increase the impact we have on the poorest of the poor and disaster victims as well as providing additional resources for our community of Greater Cincinnati.


This is an exciting opportunity to give because you’re investing in a permanent, ongoing part of our work. Your gift will keep helping people year after year after year. Your Forever Gift will multiply many times over, impacting generations of people in need.



For a gift of $1,000, you will receive naming rights to a Pallet Position in our new racking system. An average pallet of products could help around 900 people, and aid rotates in and out of our facility many times throughout the year. Your Forever Gift will keep helping year after year, reaching thousands of people in need.

Your $1,000 gift can be broken out into any number of giving options so that it fits your budget and ability to give.

One-Year Option:   Approximately $84 per month, $250 per quarter, or a one-time gift of $1,000
Two-Year Options:   Approximately $42 per month, $125 per quarter, or $500 per year
Three-Year Option:   Approximately $28 per month, $84 per quarter, or $334 per year

Many other giving levels and pledge options are available with a variety of opportunities for recognition. Our team is ready to help you become a part of this capital campaign, ensuring you have a giving plan that fits your objectives and desires.

Contact our team at or 513-793-6256 for more information. Or click here to make a donation now.