Matthew 25: Ministries’ Rainbow Paint Reblending Program accepts donations of unwanted, unused or mistinted latex paint for reblending purposes and provides a high-quality reblended/recycled latex paint to nonprofits, schools, public facilities, and low-income individuals throughout the U.S. and in developing countries worldwide. This product helps complete much-needed maintenance, rehab, upgrade and improvement projects in areas of great need.

Guidelines for Donating Latex Paint:

  • Only Latex, Acrylic and Water-based paints are accepted
  • Oil-based paints, Stains, metallic finishes, chalkboard paint, magnetic paint, glittery, faux finishes, polyurethanes and textured paints are not accepted
  • Container must be at least 1/3 full
  • Must be usable paint; can still be stirred
  • Free of debris or any foreign objects
  • Must be in original container with original label