Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief

Hurricane Dorian swept into the Bahamas in September 2019 as a Category 5 hurricane and lingered over the islands as a powerful storm, destroying property and submerging entire towns. The hurricane caused lingering issues such as weakening an already fragile infrastructure as well as adding to ongoing poverty and educational issues.

Immediately following the storm, Matthew 25: Ministries completed a series of airlifts to the Bahamas utilizing transportation generously provided by The Connor Group in Miami Township, OH. Volunteer doctors accompanying the team were able to provide medical care and consultation to orphanages and shelters caring for children and adults affected by the storms.



In February 2020, Matthew 25: Ministries led a team of staff and volunteer healthcare professionals to host medical clinics and distribute food in communities that otherwise may have little to no access to adequate healthcare. The needs in these areas are great, and during the trip approximately 500 patients consulted with medical and eye doctors to address illnesses that have gone untreated since the hurricane. Additionally, approximately 800 meals were distributed to members of impacted communities.

Since the storm, Matthew 25 has shipped more than 110,000 pounds of life-saving products to partners in the hardest hit areas of the Bahamas. These shipments include desperately needed supplies such as food, water, personal care items, cleaning supplies, diapers, and more. Matthew 25 is continuing to work with partners to provide extended recovery, rebuilding and lifestyle improvement for areas affected, including the provision of school supplies and nutritious food to students and supporting needed maintenance and development to facilities.

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