Matthew 25: Ministries responded to the Kilauea Volcano Eruption in Hawaii and the Fuego Volcano Eruption in Guatemala.  Matthew 25: Ministries shipped a container of aid to each location filled with basic necessities such as personal care kits, paper products, laundry supplies, clothing, tarps, and baby supplies.

The destructive capabilities of these volcanoes is immense,” said M25M CEO Tim Mettey.  “The lives of these people will be dramatically changed for years to come as a result of these eruptions.  We need to do everything we can to help them during this frightening time, and to help them begin the process of starting their lives over.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by these disasters.

Mount Kilauea began spewing lava on May 3, 2018.  Kilauea destroyed 700 homes and forced the evacuation of around 2,500 people.  At Kilauea’s summit, explosions shot columns of ash into the sky, triggering earthquakes.  Lava from the volcano also shot deadly plumes containing tiny particles of volcanic glass.

The Fuego volcano erupted on June 3, 2018 triggering one of the most devastating and most deadly natural disasters in recent Guatemalan history.  Nearly 200 lives were lost with thousands more displaced by the volcano.

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