Popping Wheelies Puzzles


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Popping Wheelies Puzzles

Fun and educational puzzles available in various themes.

Completed puzzle size: 10.5 in. W x 8.25 in H
35 Pieces
Ages 3+

The Popping Wheelies Story

My son, Chris, was a great kid.  He was funny, happy imaginative and friendly.  He was and is my inspiration.  He also lived with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and used a wheelchair since he was six years old.  Following Chris’s last year at MDA Camp, we were shopping at a local store for stickers to put in his scrapbook. the more we looked, the more we realized that we weren’t seeing any images of  fun loving children with special needs.  

That moment in the store was the birth of Popping Wheelies.  I started drawing stickers when I got home, and both of us started imagining.  Kids in wheelchairs were our starting point, and eventually our collection blossomed into kids with various physical differences, as well as children who appear typical.  over the years we tried to include every activity that children of all abilities enjoy.

I know that parents want to encourage their children and that kids love to see pictures of children who look like themselves.  Tie these two truths together with a little love, faith, understanding, and joy and you will understand why I continue to draw for kids like Chris.  I hope that everyone will find something special in my work for the children in their lives.

Sue Nuenke
Author & Illustrator of Popping Wheelies